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Welcome to our 'Hand Made' Pianos page. Since the late 18th century, German master craftsmen have produced refined, hand made pianos, that through the generations have delighted all who admire or play piano.

Today, Seiler Pianos and our own Reid Sohn Academy Pianos are still manufactured to the same high standard as in those  bygone days. Therefore, without hesitation, we recommend these two brands of instruments for their warm, sweet, refined tones, that eminently suite any modern day domestic location.

Reid Sohn Academy 123

Our Academy 123 differs from other Reid Sohn Pianos because this instrument is Hand - Made for Reid's in Germany. The design specification for the Academy was to produce a piano with classic 'German Piano Tone', but to incorporate a slightly lighter key touch than the standard heavier German key touch. Why not try our Reid Sohn Academy….we think you will agree that it is a piano that is made to the highest standard. £7,500

Seiler Konzert 132

Whatever your playing style, we feel sure that upon trying the Seiler Konzert you will feel entirely 'at Home' with its superb tone, great dynamics and efficient key action. Even the most complex passages of music can be easily accommodated on this piano. Bach to Beethoven or Gershwin to Gounod ! The Konzert 132 is a piano that will ensure countless hours of playing pleasure for many years to come. P.O.A

Seiler Primus 122

Since 1849, four generations of piano manufacturing at Seiler's Liegnitz and Kitzingen piano factories have endeared Seiler with a tradition of producing high grade, Hand - Made pianos. The 122 is no exception; its refined piano tone and smooth key touch are immediately apparent, as soon as ones fingers touch the keyboard. Spend endless hours, capturing the joy of music with the Primus 122. P.O.A.

Seiler Konzert 132 Piano Reid Sohn Academy 123 Piano Seiler Primus 122 Piano


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