Pre-Owned Hand Made Pianos

Welcome to our Pre-Owned 'Hand Made' Pianos page. Since the late 18th century, German master craftsmen have produced refined, hand made pianos, that through the generations have delighted all who admire or play piano.

Seiler Piano Factory

Early 20th Century

Zimmerman Z3 116

Manufactured by Bechstein in Germany  2001

Zimmerman pianos are no longer manufactured in Germany, consequently this particular  German made piano has great provenance.

Originally sold by Reid’s in 2001 this piano has had little use, now taken back into stock through a part exchange transaction.

Price £4,500.         Now Sold

Bluthner Model IV Grand Piano Circa 1900

Fully reconditioned at our North London Piano Factory, this Bluthner Piano is in extremely good condition. This piano retains its Bluthner simplex action giving this piano a slightly lighter key touch than later day roller action Bluthners.

The pianos cabinet is Rosewood,  finished satin polish.


Bluthner Model IV Grand Piano Circa 1900 Piano Bluthner Model IV Grand Piano Circa 1900 Pianos Zimmerman Pianos


Est. 1928

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